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Cryptolocker virus is a ransomware which was made to attack operating system of Windows and fetch money from the victim. This virus was developed in 2013. It uses RSA- 2048 key to encrypt the files present in the system. The engineering techniques used in cryptolocker tricks the users to run it.

Whom does Cryptolocker Virus infect?

Cryptolocker virus was particularly designed to infect only Windows computers, the computer running Vista, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc gets infected. It infects Windows computer as Windows has a behavior of concealing the file extension from the name of file using which it gives a different appearance to malicious file’s .exe extension. Smartphones and other devices are safe from this ransomware. If you are not a Windows user Cryptolocker virus can’t affect you, but there are many other types of viruses from which one needs to be safe. These viruses can infect Mac OS and Android users, so just being safe from Cryptolocker virus doesn’t mean that you are safe from all type of virus.

How Cryptolocker virus enter in the computer?
This software is usually spread by the infected attachments which are sent with emails. When the user tries to open the ZIP file attached with email by entering given, password crytolocker gets run . Another way to invade is by secondary infection. When a computer is already affected by some kind of virus, cryptolocker attacks the computer by using that virus as a back door. When this virus infects the computer, it interacts with the central server and takes the information needed to get activated. With this information, it begins to encrypt files present on the computer. After encrypting all the files on the computer, it asks for money from the user to decrypt the encrypted files. If the user refuses to pay it scares the user by endangering to destroy all information.


Is Cryptolocker virus dangerous?
There are some ransomware which doesn’t do anything to files and just ask for payment by scaring the users, but Cryptlocker is not like this ransomware. If your computer gets infected by this virus and you don’t have the backup of your files, then your files are really gone. This virus actually encrypts all your files and this encryption is so strong that it makes it unbreakable. So to get your data back you have to rely on backup of your files, but before using the backup it is important to get this virus removed from your computer else you will lose your backup as well.
When the user runs the infected attached files this Virus saves itself in users profile in the form of a folder. It deposits two processes, main process and another process which secures the main process from getting terminated. It also adds key so that it runs everytime the computer gets started.
Removing Cryptolocker virus is not useful and if computer infected it is shut down it will only result in loss of decryption tool. Removal of cryptolocker is very difficult, the victim usually pays to secure their data but it is advised to not pay this ransom as it is not a good solution. Paying will only contribute to cryptolocker and this attack will increase. It is advised to go for some good anti-spyware and get this virus removed from them.

Cryptolocker virus

Protect yourself from Cryptolocker Virus

As this virus use engineering techniques and infects the computer by emails, so it is advised to be careful from emails received from unknown users, especially those emails which have attached files with them. In Windows disable hiding of file extension so that recognizing this attack could become easy. Always keep backup system to keep your files and important data safe at a place, this will help to recollect data and reduce damage caused by virus.

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